Project Management



BCI expert team has designed our procurement processes. It identifies and selects suppliers and manufacturing partners that share our innovation ethos and quality standards and have the capacity and resources to scale up construction requirements. This process is supported by contractual arrangements structured to secure intellectual property and future access to materials and factory facilities to expedite scaling-up for subsequent projects.


BCI and partner organisations utilise a rapid, prefabricated mass production methodology for buildings. The integration of product development with procurement and manufacturing gives us close control of the entire process from conception to completion. Further to this, we are committed to a continual learning and innovation cycle, including all stages from due diligence, product design and development, to production and refinement of the manufacturing process. We have established strong partnerships with our suppliers and manufacturers, including quality control and continual innovation.


The physical transport of the manufactured components to the construction sites is a crucial part of all our projects. As such, logistics is treated as a project within a project with special importance. Together with the logistics and manufacturing partners BCI continuously evaluates favourable and limiting factors to identify potential challenges and develop contingency management measures. BCI’s goal is to promote just-in-time operations, therefore, optimised logistics strategies are essential. These involve maximum coordination among all parties involved, to provide our clients with quality and speedy delivery in the long term.


The projects we develop employ significant resources both in terms of manpower and materials. To efficiently conduct civil works, BCI strives to source all possible materials in country to increase the affordability of our projects and cement our dedication to each local market we operate in. These works entail a significant amount of machinery and equipment and provide work and revenues for numerous companies in the years to come. BCI carefully selects local teams and trains them to secure seamless assembly and installation.