About Us



Building Communities Initiative (BCI) is our umbrella ideology and represents a global multi-disciplinary team working to deliver affordable, state-of-the-art construction concepts. BCI offers tailor-made design and project management solutions for sustainable development. Our widely applicable methodologies facilitate permanent and quality accommodation to communities, governments, institutions and all kinds of commercial clients. We partner with like-minded organisations and continuously work on lowering development costs. This philosophy renders our housing concepts genuinely affordable and accessible to the broadest possible target audience, adhering at the same time to highest quality standards. Our mantra is, “Let nothing stand in our way” and led by this, we are on a mission to provide quality accommodation and prosperity to people worldwide.


Our mission is to use experience and technological innovation to build resilient, self-sustaining communities in collaboration with emerging nations and their citizens. We understand that access to quality, affordable housing creates multi-faceted and enduring enhancements in people’s lives. Supplementing housing with easy-to-access medical and support facilities significantly improves both public and mental health. Better access to education and community enterprises create jobs, increase wages, and drive economic development. The BCI community development extends beyond housing to include shops, medical facilities, community buildings, sporting facilities, places of worship and transit systems. BCI also recognises that infrastructure is the backbone of any community and must be reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible. BCI has a team of global infrastructure experts and access to cutting-edge technologies. We can create completely off-grid, closed-loop communities or supplement areas where local infrastructure is lacking. BCI introduces a consultative approach to community development with stakeholder engagement at the forefront of our design process. BCI designs each community to suit the local environment, cultural context and local materials and labour. Our team of experts has a clear vision for achieving this mandate on a scale and at a speed that will significantly contribute to accelerating development for the countries that partner with us in our programme. These factors set BCI apart from any other affordable housing initiatives.


    • Create numerous sustainable communities.
    • Featuring affordable housing for the people of emerging nations.
    • Deliver each community within a four-month construction period.
    • Provide communities at the lowest possible cost to applicants.


BCI INDIA ESTATES – BCI India Estates LLP is a fully owned subsidiary of BCI Ltd. and operates under extended mandate of the parent company, delivering excellence, not only in developing sustainable and affordable communities Asia-wide, but also in offering all-inclusive services to commercial clients. BCI India Estates therefore utilises expertise in project delivery across the globe to capitalise on the organisation-wide human resources and best practices.

Specifically, our capabilities are:

  • Large-scale project developments
  • Government-sponsored affordable housing
  • Commercial real estate developments